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What To Do With A Diamond Engagement Ring From a First Marriage

We are constantly asked the question: “What do I do with my diamond engagement ring from my first marriage?”

There are numerous things we can suggest to do with your old diamond engagement ring. Other than just selling it outright, you may want to think about letting a jewelry professional design and create something new for yourself. If not for yourself, then perhaps a loved one? Even though the diamond is from another marriage, it still represents a memorable time in your life. Were there children from your previous marriage? If so, surely you know that your children were the result of that initial love you once shared with your former spouse. I am not sure what the circumstances of your first marriage were. However, you may still have positive feelings and memories about that joyous time in your life. It’s something to consider.

While I am not sure of the size or shape of the diamond, a number of ideas come to mind for a special piece of jewelry. It may be something as simple as a drop diamond pendant. Or perhaps something more decorative by adding some lovely color to the design. By color I mean colored gemstones. A birthstone may be nice. If not your birthstone then perhaps a color that is representative of one of your children? Again, depending on the circumstances, maybe even the birthstone of you previous husband.

What about a new custom design for you or your children?
A newly created custom design using your old diamond(s) would be a perfect for your children. Perhaps the main center stone could be used for a future engagement ring? Or what about a graduation gift or other momentous occasion? While I could go on and on with suggestions, you may need to think a bit more about which direction you want to go in by way of for a family member or not. I hope this helps.

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Joseph R. Villarreal, Graduate Gemologist (G.I.A.) – Villarreal Fine Jewelers – “Designers of Exquisite Jewelry”

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