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Colored Gemstone Care

Educational Tools from Austin’s Diamond Specialists

Caring For Your Gemstone

At Villarreal Fine Jewelers we love creating custom made engagement and wedding rings as well as other special occasion jewelry with colored gemstones. Beauty. Rarity. Durability. These attributes attract us to colored gemstones for personal adornment and make gemstones valuable and precious. Colored gemstones provide the opportunity for uniquely personal expression.


Put on jewelry, especially cultured pearls, after you apply makeup, perfume or cologne.


Remove jewelry before heavy yard work, home cleaning chores, working on heavy equipment or relaxing in a pool or spa (especially if you are in chlorine regularly).


After removing jewelry, wipe it gently with a soft cloth to remove residues of the day. Store items in a jewelry case or soft cloth so that they do not touch each other. This avoids the potential of harder gemstones scratching softer ones.


Discuss how to clean your jewelry with Villarreal Fine Jewelers or your local jeweler. Avoid home cleaning solutions, including home ultrasonics, unless you are sure the item is suitable for home cleaning. Some jewelry is suited to home cleaning with a mild soap solution and a soft brush. Always rinse and dry your jewelry thoroughly after cleaning and before storage.


Ask Villarreal Fine Jewelers or your local jeweler to clean your jewelry every six months.


At least once a year, ask Villarreal Fine Jewelers or your local jeweler to check the security of your jewelry. Are the prongs holding your gemstone secure? Is the clasp secure? Do the cultured pearls need to be restrung? Does the ring still fit securely or does it need to be resized? During this check, your jeweler might also recommend a re-polishing of the gemstone itself in order to restore the gem’s original beauty.


Discuss your potential insurance needs with your local jeweler or home insurance agent.

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