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Jewelry Insurance

Austin’s Diamond Specialists
Jewelry Insurance - Villarreal Diamond Engagement Rings - Austin, TX
Personal jewelry insurance from Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group

Jewelry Insurance-Villarreal Diamond Engagement Rings-Austin, TX

Jewelry Insurance with 110 years of Expertise.

When it comes to your jewelry, you want to wear it, not worry about it.

Whether you live in Austin, Texas, or elsewhere in the United States, Villarreal Diamond Engagement Rings and Fine Jewelry recommends clients protect their jewelry by purchasing jewelry insurance. Protecting your diamond engagement, wedding ring or other custom-designed jewelry items is important to protect the value of your most precious possessions. Furthermore, your jewelry will become family heirloom pieces passed down from generation to generation. All the more reason to properly insure your jewelry. 

We trust Jewelers Mutual. We believe you deserve a professional, informative jewelry insurance experience so you can wear your jewelry without worry.

Do you need a trusted professional to help you evaluate your family jewelry?

Schedule an Appointment Here to meet with our Graduate Gemologist for your private consultation.  

Where Do I purchase Insurance for My Fine Jewelry?

Your jewelry insurance isn't ordinary, so don't settle for ordinary insurance. Your favorite pieces of jewelry reflect who you are. They connect you to special moments with the ones you love. Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company – the only insurer specializing exclusively in jewelry insurance for more than 100 years – offers repair or replacement coverage to protect your jewelry for all its worth. Consider Jewelers Mutual for your jewelry insurance.


What Jewelers Mutual Covers

While some insurance policies may only cover jewelry theft, we cover real life. We realize you can’t always pinpoint how or where your jewelry disappeared, so we cover mysterious disappearances – a coverage often overlooked by other carriers. Jewelry that’s loved and worn doesn't stay pristine, either. So, if your jewelry gets damaged, that's covered too. 

Learn More About What is Covered Here

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Estimate your rate in less than one minute. Just tell us what you need to insure, how much it's worth, and your zip code.

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