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Custom Diamond Engagement Rings

Austin’s Diamond Specialists

A design process as flawless as our diamonds...

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Top Rated Custom Diamond Engagement Rings in Austin

Since 1997, our custom designed engagement rings have become treasured heirlooms to be admired for generations.

If you’re looking for the best engagement ring designs in Austin, then look no further. Villarreal Fine Jewelers is the place to create your unique diamond engagement ring. We have been creating custom designed jewelry in Austin since 1997. At Villarreal Fine Jewelers our passion is creating unique jewelry customized to your specifications. With our passion for jewelry artistry, you can be confident that the perfect diamond engagement ring will be designed to fit your personal style.

How To Design Your Dream Diamond Engagement Ring

  • 1. Find the engagement ring designer or jeweler that speaks to your style.

    When creating a custom ring, you need to work with a designer or jeweler whose style and quality you admire. You might pick the best diamond, but if it's in a poor-quality setting, you won't be happy.

  • 2. Establish a budget and prioritize what matters most to you.

    Determining a budget up-front makes it easier to identify a range of diamond options. While each diamond should have a GIA certificate that incorporates the 4C's to identify the stone's quality, it's important to remember that two stones with identical GIA grading reports can still appear very different.

  • 3. Bigger is (generally) better.

    The size of the diamond is the most important factor in designing a ring. The average consumer won't notice tiny inclusions or a hint of warmth, but they will notice the size of the stone from near and far.

  • 4. Research ring styles and stick with what you love.

    Stick to your gut when selecting a ring. If you have always loved round diamonds, stick with round diamonds rather than trying to follow a trend that will disappoint you later.

  • 5. Choose a diamond engagement ring for your style - and lifestyle.

    Your ring should match your individual style, be it modern or vintage. Make sure you are buying a diamond shape that you love. It's pretty inexpensive to change a setting after a time, but it's more expensive to change the stone. Also consider your wedding band when selecting your ring style.

  • 6. Get creative: it's all in the details.

    Different metal finishes, detailing, unique side stones and the personalization of a ring with engravings and other hidden elements is what really allows for a ring to stand apart. Make sure to approve your ring every step of the way to ensure you are getting everything you want. Don't be afraid to make modifications along the way, just make sure to do so before the wax mold is made.

Custom Engagement Ring - Villarreal Fine Jewelers

The Perfect Engagement Ring

Our custom designed engagement rings are some of the most special pieces we create. We look forward to welcoming you in designing your engagement ring at our private showroom in Austin. Come and experience our excellent customer service and by creating your new unique engagement ring or special occasion jewelry design.

Now, giving a diamond engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of love. It is a tradition widely regarded as an integral part of the commitment of marriage. The diamond engagement ring symbolizes a commitment to a lifetime of promised love for both men and women. It is quite possibly the most meaningful gift a person will ever give, and that a person will ever receive.

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