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The Cost of a Normal Diamond Engagement Ring?

We get this question often: “How much does it cost to buy a normal diamond engagement ring?”

That depends on what you mean by “normal.” I don’t think its really about averages or what others are paying.

Purchasing a diamond engagement ring is a personal and emotional endeavor. However, it doesn’t doesn’t have to be a costly one. Always remember, you are in control of your own spending and budget. That’s right! It is your decision to make. Having said that, it helps to have a professional on your side. A pro to help guide you in a direction suitable for your loved one as well as your pocketbook. So, seek out a local jewelry professional who is both knowledgeable and trustworthy. Make note that I said “local.” Your local jeweler will be your best resource.

The cost of a diamond engagement ring can vary. My suggestion is to first get and idea of what you want. Research shop. Go out to jewelry stores that carry quality product and ask the questions that are most important to you. Is Carat Weight important? Or is diamond Color or Clarity most important? Perhaps it is a combination of the above? Once you have determined what is most important, then look at each prospective engagement ring with a critical eye. Ask what the particulars are of that diamond ring. Have the sales person clearly explain why that ring or diamond commands that sale price. Then compare the particulars of that engagement ring or diamond to others.

Before you do so, it will be most helpful to first arm your self with the basics – the 4 C’s of diamonds. Afterwards, you will be a bit more knowledgeable and confident about your purchase. After all, knowledge is a good thing!

I am always here for additional questions. Feel free to contact me at Or call as well – 512–231–8502.

Joseph R. Villarreal, Graduate Gemologist (G.I.A.)

Villarreal – “Designers of Exquisite Jewelry” Austin, TX

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