VIVE Magazine

June/July 2014 – VIVE Magazine #01
Article By: Margarita Burciaga Del Real – “A Kiss May Be Grand”
At Villarreal Fine Jewelers “A satisfied customer is our daily goal……..they listen to the detailed description of the aspects of the piece the customer is looking for.”


EDGE Magazine

April 2014
By: Synchrony Financial
“Villarreal Fine Jewelers wins customer loyalty and referrals with custom-designed jewelry and caring service. “Consumers……look on-line at testimonials and reviews.”

Austin MD Magazine

Austin MD Magazine

May-June 2013
By: Joseph R. Villarreal, G.G. (GIA)
“I am often asked: What is the difference between platinum and gold? – which should I select for my diamond engagement ring purchase?” While platinum and white gold may look alike when they are new, there are clear differences.

villarreal jewelers reviews

NSIDE Magazine

March-April 2013 / NSIDE Business
By: Joseph R. Villarreal, G.G. (GIA)
Have you ever wondered why the jewelry appraisal value may sometimes be higher than the amount on your sales receipt? The answer may surprise you. A sales receipt will list generic items such as the date, the item, the price you paid for it and of course, the name of the establishment where you purchased the item. However, a sales receipt is not really detailed enough for an insurance company to properly insure the item.

villarreal jewelers reviews

NSIDE Magazine

January-February 2013 / NSIDE Business
Written by: Jody Joseph Marmel
“Admiring the mesmerizing design displays at Villarreal Fine Jewelers, each piece shows the quality of talent and design involved in creating some of the most beautiful jewelry ever seen. Custom design jewelry is almost 100 percent of their business. Using traditional hand-drawn design artwork, as well as CAD design, their creativity is a combination of both the old and the new worlds of design techniques.”

Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce

Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Businessman of the Year 2007
Nominated and voted by GAHCC peers among numerous other local businessman through out the the city of Austin.

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